The Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA) is a collaborative venture that collates data from completed clinical trials and provides access to anonymised data for novel exploratory analyses to inform clinical trial design. 

Across the entire archive, data are available on more than 82,000 individual patients and are stored anonymously.

Using this resource, specific questions can be answered concerning:

  • the natural history of specific population subgroups
  • the optimal selection of patients for future trials,
  • choice of outcome measures for future trials,
  • the influence of country, concomitant disease and other factors on recovery.


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Latest News from the VISTA Collaboration

Latest Publications

  1. MacIsaac RL, Ali M, Taylor-Rowan, M, Rodgers H, Lees KR, Quinn TJ, on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators. Utility of a three item short form version of the Barthel Index for use in Stroke: systematic review and external validation, Stroke 2017
  2. Phan TG, Clissold BB, Ma H, Van Ly J, Srikanth V. on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators. Predicting  disability after ischemic stroke based on comorbidity index and stroke severity- from the VISTA-Acute collaboration. Frontiers in Neurology 2017 (in Press)
  3. Singh S, Quinn TJ, Bath PM, Lees KR, Myint PK, on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators. Validating and Comparing Stroke Prognosis Scales, Neurology, 2017 (in Press)
  4. Doubal FN, Ali M, Batty GD, Charidimou A, Eriksdotter M, Hofmann-Apitius M, Kim Y-H, Levine DA, Mead G, Mucke HAM, Ritchie C, Roberts CJ, Russ TC, Stewart R, Whiteley W, and Quinn TJ. Big data and data repurposing – using existing data to answer new questions in vascular dementia research. BMC Neurology 2017, 17(1):72. doi: 10.1186/s12883-017-0841-2

VISTA Presentations at ESOC 2017

  1. Schellen, C, Ferrari J, Lang W, Sykora M, on behalf of the VISTA Collaborators. Effects of SSRI exposure on haemorrhagic complications and outcome following thrombolysis in ischaemic stroke. Presented at ESOC 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. 
  2. Hurford R, Vail A, Ziai WC, Dawson J, Murthy S, Wang X, Anderson CS, Hanley DF, Parry-Jones AR on behalf of the VISTA-ICH Collaboration. Oedema extension distance in intracerebral haemorrhage: association with baseline characteristics and long-term outcome. Presented at ESOC 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.
  3. Lee RJ, Frantzias J, and Salman RA for the ICH growth IPDMA collaborators and the VISTA-ICH Collaborators, Risk and predictors of the growth of acute intracerebral haemorrhage: an individual patient data meta-analysis. Presented at ESOC 2017, Prague, Czech Republic.

VISTA Presentations at ISC 2017

  1. Ziai et al, Evaluation of Sex, Racial and Geographic Demographics and Outcomes in Clinical Trials of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage, (Oral Presentation #3784)
  2. Ziai et al, Hematoma Retraction In Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Frequency, Functional Significance And Relation To Perihematomal Edema, (Moderated Poster Presentation #2805)
  3. Yogendrakumar et al, What Definition of Early Neurological Worsening Predicts Poor Outcome in Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage? (Poster Presentation) 

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