Ongoing Projects

  1.  Hussein et al, "Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke Treated with Intravenous or Intra-arterial Thrombolysis: Is There Any Paradox in The Brain?"
  2. J. Lees et al, "Patient outcomes following stroke according to baseline level of renal function."
  3. JF. Scheitz et al, "Sulphonylurea use and infectious complications."
  4. M. Saini et al, "Effect of Blood Pressure Variations on Acute Ischemic Stroke Outcomes, in relation to specific patient populations."
  5. P. Michel et al, "Extension and further validation of ASTRAL score's prognostic performance."
  6. W. Whiteley et al, "Validation of prognostic models for haemorrhagic and thrombotic events after stroke."
  7. C. Hametner et al, "Relationship between sex and lesion side/site in acute ischemic stroke."
  8. S. El-Tawil, "Analysis of the profiles of thrombolysed vs non-thrombolysed patients between 1998- 2012."
  9. A. Shuaib, Does rt-PA treatment in mild stroke leads to a better 90 day outcome
  10. B. Yan, ASPECTS score and seizures
  11. C. Smith, Does class of antibiotic used to treat post-stroke infections influence clinical outcomes? An individual participant data pooled analyses of VISTA-Acute
  12. J. Ferro, Characterisation of patients with missing data in acute stroke trials
  13. N. Mishra, Effect of Zolpidem on Outcomes after Ischemic Stroke
  14. P. Lyden, Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis of the NIHSS
  15. P. Myint, Anticholinergic burden from medications and stroke outcomes
  16. P. Salvaris, The impact of metformin therapy on outcomes of acute ischaemic stroke patients with diabetes
  17. S. Kasner, Early and Late Disability After Acute Ischemic Stroke
  18. T. Quinn, Stroke misclassification
  19. T. Quinn, Anti-hypertensives and CSVD
  20. M. Ali, Stroke in Women

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